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Team Micro Ice preparing for their across ice game during the Bruins FUNdamental Tourney
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Professional Athlete Testimonials

"I credit my success this season to my off-season training at Micro Ice."
Scott Gomez, NHL All-Star 2008
"Training at Micro Ice gave me the best start of my 11 years in the NHL, in one summer my accuracy and puck handling skills reached new heights."
Jay Pandolfo, 2-time Stanley Cup Winner with the New Jersey Devils and National Champion with Boston University
"This is what it's all about, players will thrive and develop in this kind of an environment. In Europe we've been doing similar things for years, but Micro Ice has taken it to the next level"
Patrick Thoresen, Lugano, Switzerland

Parent Testimonials

Our son has a true LOVE for hockey. You could say it is in his blood. His father plays, his uncles played, his grandfathers played. His father,uncle, and grandfather are all involved in the hockey industry. So, he had a strong desire to play hockey when he started at skating at micro ice six months ago at the age of three and a half. Hockey basics with Matt has helped to change his LOVE of hockey into a pure PASSION for hockey. Every Tuesday he is joyful to hear it is hockey day. He carries what he learns at practice into our kitchen or backyard hockey (depending on the weather). Not only the basics of skating and hockey but also listening skills and respect for others. As a mother, I never expected to see such passion from my son at such a young age. It is more than amazing to watch his enthusiasm and heart grow each week we leave Micro Ice. Thank You!
Liane Sheehy
I just wanted to take a minute to thank you for all of your work with our son! He is having an amazing second half of his season and I know that his time at Micro Ice has been a huge part of his success! At the beginning of the season, we weren't quite sure what to do since this was Jacks first time ever playing hockey and he made a Mite travel team. We knew he had a complete love of the game so we knew he would be fine and have a blast playing but I think his work at Micro has given him that extra confidence and the skills he needs in the games! It's great to watch him use the moves he has learned at Micro Ice to get around defensemen and he even looks to where he wants his shot to go on net and it works! It's been an amazing transformation!
Andrea Flynn
"Our son looks forward to coming to Micro Ice every week. The instruction he has received has been fantastic! His confidence on the ice has soared since joining this program. The stick handling, shooting and small area games have made a tremendous difference in his development and game play."
Julie Edson

Kid Testimonials

David Breen: Program Director