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Our goal is to deliver skill development to players of all ages. We strive to develop every skater to their full potential. Our philosophy is based on a player training in a reduced area at a high tempo with many repetitions to develop the desired skill. Skating at Micro Ice will enrich a player's creativity, puck control and teach them to “read and react” in a game like situation. Our instructors will make a difference in your skill development. Our instructors are highly experienced, dedicated and truly want the Micro Ice experience to make a difference in your hockey skill development.

  • Every Session is 50 Minutes in duration.
  • All classes are pre-paid and there is no credit for unused lessons.


Micro Ice is a registered member of the US Figure Skating Association. Our Learn to Skate program follows the  USFS sanctioned guidelines. This program is approved by the Professional Skaters Association and is used successully across the United States.

We offer all levels of Learn to Skate. Contact us for more information on which class would be right for your skater.

Skill Programs

Learn to Play Hockey: This is the first step to achieving the dream of playing hockey. Players will learn to combine their skating skills with stick handling drills as well as general game concepts. The focus of this program is to have fun while learning the sport. All participants must be able to skate. Full equipment is required.

3 VS 3: This incredible program is designed to give confidence and instinctive offensive skills for the player looking to elevate his game. Each player will be given a great opportunity to have numerous touches with the puck which will allow each individual to develop confidence in small areas of his game.

Stick Handling, Shooting and Passing: For all levels. Concentration is on puckhandling, protecting the puck, shooting accuracy, transfer of weight and shot selection. Proper technique is always emphasized.

Checking Clinic: Learn how to give and receive a check, put yourself in the best situation not to get hurt.  We will also go over slap shots and the correct technique of this type of shot.

Micro Ice Skills and Skating: This program is a combination of both high-end edge-work and puck-skills, shooting. We have designed  a curriculum that will guarantee improvement.

Spring Fever/Small Games:   The spring is a time to test the skills you have never attempted while enjoying the sport of hockey. There are no coaches that will sit you after a mistake, but rather instructors who will guide you in the direction of your ultimate objectives. There is no need to be afraid to try something different, to step outside the box, to put forth your best effort to hurdle over a fresh challenge. During these small game sessions, players will be pushed from their comfort zones in order to gain the greatest results during their springtime play.

Shooting and Scoring:  Learn  how to shoot with proper technique,  what to notice in a goalie, what to think about when shooting and how to score.

Edge and Power Skating: Learn how to maximize the most power from each stride. Speed and power are developed through balance and edge utilization.

Defenseman Skills: For all levels. While emphasis will be on all aspects of skating, a strong concentration will be on the skill of backward skating, transition from forward to backward pivots, and strength and speed in front of the net.

Off-Ice Training w/ Mike Boyle

Mike Boyle is one of the foremost experts in the field of Strength and Conditioning, Functional Training and general fitness. Micro Ice has partnered with Mike Boyle Strength & Conditioning under the same roof in order to offer elite off-ice training and on-ice training in one location.

Goalie Training with GDS Goaltending and Mike Buckley

The area's top pro, college, junior, high school, prep and youth hockey goalies choose Mike Buckley for the proven success of his systematic approach to goaltending.  The system builds on the six core fundamentals of goaltending; skating, stance, positioning, save selection, rebound control and recovery.  Mike has a system for each, properly developing goaltenders, while allowing goalies to develop their own style based on their strengths, creating quick efficient movements and confidence in their game.  This trendsetting approach to training goalies is quickly changing the way goaltenders are taught.



David Breen: Program Director